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More thoughts

The Tiara Rado show will go up on May 4th. I’ve contracted sweet, kind Rachel Greer, the Craig Gallery receptionist you might remember, to help me with hanging the show. On May 10, I will hang medium to small works in the city’s Customer Service Building at 910 Main Street. On May 11, I will fill the large foyer of City Hall with BIG paintings!. It will be nice to have so much work out of the studio. I’ll take the opportunity to give the place a good vacuuming, dusting and wipe down!

I’m painting a lot of smaller stuff full of happy summer colors for Tiara Rado — and golfers. It’s fun working on a theme…and good practice for the bigger Art Center thing coming up in a year or two. I will meet with Matt Jones, curator (whom you’ve met), in two or three weeks to learn what to anticipate for, how to prepare for, and what role I am to play in participation of that exhibition. 

Remembering that brief seven-minute talk with Matt at the Jac Kephart Gallery opening on April 1st, Matt said four times in various ways that my art is good. I think I don’t know what he means by repeating that so many times in one short session — over many years of hearing, actually — exactly what he means to tell me. I am wondering, is it that good? I’m a bit mystified and staggered by the thought. I know my art is good, but really? Really?!

I gotta get to the studio to finish up a few details on some paintings. I started two stripe paintings in yellow and white yesterday. I want to make the stripes indicate heat waves. I can’t wait to see what happens while I work and how they turn out….

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